Thursday, December 9, 2010

My First Posting

I feel very excited on this will be the first postig in my blog! The first person I would like to share about this excitement is with lovely wife ~ Sophie!

This blog been created in May this year, but not really have a chance to write something on it or even design the page. Tell myself that I have to make this happen one day!

Feel very tired for a long hour series workshop this week through conference call from 10pm-7am started from yesterday; really quite sometime did not work until so "late". Tonight is the second night of the workshop, a lot of discussion in this call but I think I not able to capture everything that has been discussed. After this, sure will have a long list of action items need to be follow up. I think I will put it a side first, I will look forward to this coming week end which I will spend a golden time with my family to have a vacation in Langkawi, especially with my lovely wife, kids and parents.

This trip will be the second family trip for this year, the first trip is in June we went to Melacca and KL. I am sure the kids will be very excited also especially my son, this will be his first time to take flight. He started counting down since last week and also told me that he want to watch the cloud outside the plane when on the air. He is a smart kid, I love him very much. Just hope he will enjoy the trip and have the sweet memories. Oh, my poor daugther, hope she will fully recover from her flu & cold before the trip on this week end; god bless her!

Okay, have to get back to the call now.