Monday, April 16, 2012

My first contact with 9M0L!!!

I have been waiting for to make a contact with 9M0L from 10 April until yesterday. Keep monitoring on 10m & 6m band, but not able to make any contact due to I can't hear the 9M0L's operator only get the respond stations shout their callsign. Last night around my time 10pm, monitor on 28.405mhz again and this time I can hear the 9M0L's operator calling with up 5mhz respond frequency. Keep trying repeat and repeating my callsign, but can't get the attention from 9M0L. I almost want to give up after tried more than 1 hour plus and I can feel that the propagation is going to close soon. At that moment, 9M0L's operator - CL Neoh (9M2CLN) called my callsign at UTC 1519! Yoohoo... this really make me so excited!!! I think is worth it to spent 1 hour plus just now on the frequecy. My next step will be try on 6m band to contact 9M0L again and plan to upgrade my license from 9W to 9M so that I can operate in multi bands. 73.

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